Cooling Tower Refurbishment Coating Systems and Component Renewal

Tower Systems can carry out complete refurbishment of any make of cooling tower.

Cooling towers utilised for air conditioning, industrial processes or refrigeration are typically installed in harsh environments. They are subject to varying ambient and water quality conditions and will, in time, require some form of mechanical repair or refurbishment.

Even with the best mechanical maintenance, the nature and operation of the equipment will result in the wear and tear of fan and drive components, drift eliminators, deterioration of heat transfer surfaces or distribution systems and failure of coating systems or seals.

As the cooling towers age, mechanical conditions creep away from compliance and the refurbishment or renewal of either the complete structure or its components will be required.

Tower Systems can carry out complete refurbishment of any make of cooling tower from an initial detailed survey through to the handover of the tower in good mechanical condition and in compliance with current recommendations.

Component parts are sourced from OEMs/Global manufacturers or, where necessary, are remanufactured in-house where, for example, equipment is obsolete. Structural steelwork can be mechanically repaired and corrosion can be stabilised and pre-prepared for a high performance paint system which utilises high quality, resilient and flexible coatings.

Steelwork refurbishment is carried out with all removable components physically removed ensuring that future removal for maintenance activity can be carried out without damage to the recoating works.

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