Cooling Tower Intake Mesh Minimise splash-out or windage losses and contaminating debris from entering your tower.

Minimal airflow reduction with up to 15 years life span.

Custom manufactured air inlet filters to improve the air flow of any cooling tower.

“Air inlets should be designed and protected so as to minimise splash-out or windage losses and to avoid leaves and other contaminating debris being drawn into the tower.”

The problem:

A common cause of cooling tower problems is a build-up of previously airborne, often organic, foreign matter which is drawn into the tower or condenser blocking strainers/ filters throughout the system.

Insects, leaves, seeds, feathers or similar can decompose and build up as sediment providing a potential harbour or nutrient for bacteria, or develop as corrosion cells.

The solution:

Tower Systems offer air inlet filter screens of PVC coated polyester mesh with vinyl borders and quick release fasteners. There are custom manufactured to suit any size or shape of cooling tower inlet.

The benefits reduce:

  • Fouling of pond and fill packs
  • Fouling of inline strainers
  • Downtime due to maintenance
  • Build-up of organic matter in water basins
  • Nutrient source for bacteria
  • Diffuses sunlight to reduce algal growth

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