High Efficiency Drift Eliminators Designed & manufactured to fit any make or model cooling tower

Eliminators offered are PVC High Efficiency, made from a standard design with modules fabricated to suit the tower support arrangement.

The modules are individually encased in 304 stainless steel surround.

The surround ensures structural rigidity, prevents the escape of water through the edge of the eliminator form and eliminates the need for hold down ties.

All Tower Systems replacement parts are guaranteed, where applicable, for thermal performance and equal or exceed the recommendations of The Control of Legionella Bacteria in water systems (L8), the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers TM13:2002 and the City of Westminster Guidelines.


Eliminators offered are certified to reduce drift loss to 0.0007% of the circulating rate and offer the following benefits:

  • Designed & manufactured to fit any make or model cooling tower
  • Engineered for durability & long life
  • PVC eliminator media impervious to biological attack, and highly resistant to U.V.
  • Rigid 304 stainless steel surround
  • Easy to handle sections for removal for inspection & maintenance
  • Guaranteed quick delivery

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