Cooling Tower Maintenance Access Ladders, gantries and handrailing systems

Custom design platforms to enable inspection and periodic removal of fill packs.

It is essential that Evaporative Cooling equipment is properly maintained both from a mechanical maintenance (operational – thermal performance) and a hygiene (control of Legionella) perspective.

It is equally important, indeed obligatory, that safe and appropriate access is available to ensure that maintenance and water treatment personnel are able to carryout periodic activities regularly, thoroughly and without hindrance or the requirement for specialist access equipment.

Tower Systems maintenance and inspection personnel key activities involve the periodic access to all cooling tower locations and have developed a range of access equipment and systems to facilitate these tasks.

Our access systems can be supplied in range of structural materials including stainless or galvanised steel, aluminium or glass-fibre.

  • New equipment or retrofit installation
  • Standard or custom manufactured to suit the equipment or application
  • Cooling tower internal and external applications
  • Motor or fan hoisting davits
  • Ladders and gantries
  • Perimeter handrails and kickboards
  • Fill pack support and maintenance platforms on site installation

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