Condition Surveys Cooling Tower Compliance and Operational Inspections

It is essential to ensure evaporative cooling towers and condensers are correctly and
professionally maintained.

Our Tower Systems specialist surveyors ensure your cooling tower is fit for for safe, efficient and compliant operation.

A component by component inspection will be undertaken to test the mechanical and operational condition of your cooling tower against current regulations. After inspection, observational recommendations will be given. These inspections are free of charge.


Each inspection report consists of the following sections (where applicable) including photographic support as required:

  • Overview
  • External condition
  • Internal Condition
  • Make-up assembly
  • Pan strainer
  • Heater package
  • Air inlet louvres
  • Access doors and gaskets
  • Fan set and motor
  • Leaks
  • Water distribution system and heat transfer surface (fill pack and/or coil)
  • Drift eliminators
  • Conclusion

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