Tower Cleaning Separator Packages The solution is clear

Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers are highly efficient air scrubbers and the introduction of airborne contaminant and other particulate matter will inevitably result in high turbidity through solid suspension and ultimately deposition of sediment at low velocity areas.

The accumulation of particulate, which in suspension or sedimentary form, is not desirable as it is deemed to provide nutrient or harbour for bacteria. It will
have an adverse effect on heat transfer surfaces and, in sedimentary form, can promote the formation of corrosion cells.

While periodic maintenance tasks are necessary for mechanical operation and cleaning purposes, it has been recognised, in recent years, that the benefit of
continuous suspended material removal through mechanical action can have considerable benefit to the circulating water in terms of clarity, water treatment regime efficacy and reduction in maintenance cost or activity.

Fill pack cleanliness

The ultimate cleanliness of the cooling tower can be heavily influenced by the presence of previously airborne contaminant, which will ultimately “fall out” on low velocity surfaces such as pond basins or fill pack heat transfer surfaces.

Current guidance gives high emphasis on the importance of pack cleanliness and actively promotes the use of devices to reduce the potential for foreign matter deposition. Constant screening or separation can provide considerable benefit in respect to overall cleanliness and potentially reduce fill pack maintenance and replacement cost.

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